In which some questions are raised regarding the mechanics of identity, and of the outcome of nature versus nurture.

Bonus points to the first reader to identify the inspiration for this one… I haven’t made it hard 😉

(UPDATE) Okay, no takers… maybe I haven’t allowed enough time, but I wanted to share a great article series about my inspiration: Why Miracleman Matters. If you haven’t read Miracleman (or, as originally known, Marvelman), you need to. End of story. Of course, you may find it difficult, as covered by this link: A Legal History of Marvelman. Glad I still have my originals and all the graphic novels. 🙂

Anyway, one of the things I dislike about “re-mastered” reprints of originally black-and-white comics is the massively overdone nature of the colours. Modern colourization treatments of classics often falls flat for me. That’s always been true, and was one of the little things that struck me wrong about the Miracleman Eclipse reprints. When the tones used on the original pages in Warrior were coloured over, it resulted in a garbled, over-done look that didn’t work as well for me as the original black & white artwork. I’ve tried to replicate a bit of that feel here.