Okay, since it’s Tuesday, I decided I should post something… Wait – what? It’s Wednesday?! That’s about how things have been for me the past month. Hence the mini-hiatus the strip has been on.

Good news is, I think after this week, we will be back to mornal! Sorry – normal. The customer coding marathon is pretty much over, we’ve deployed to production, and I’m conducting user orientation and training any day now. w00t! Next week, I should begin posting strips again – provided I can remember where we were in the storyline! 🙂

Even better news (for me at least) are these babies:

MS_Cert_Professional_logo_W    Spec_Arch_AzureSol_logo_Wht

This Azure cert has been hanging over my head for months like some crazy Sword of Damocles. In fact, it’s been such a cloud over me (pun intended, be sure) that the entirety of the second book in Penny’s journey (coming soon) is completely inspired by it! So glad I finally knocked it out today – Hah! Take that, Azure! You has been pwned!