All This

And blogging, too!

I’ve been meaning to start writing a weekly blog post to accompany the strip, for no other reason than I can… At least, I figured I could if I ever took the time to figure out how to configure ComicPress to do it. I finally gave up on that and started writing my own comic-based content management system! After, of course, spending a weekend to learn pHp (for obvious reasons, I’m an guy 🙂 ). Finally, after getting the new pHil-CMS 90% done, I abandoned that, in the true spirit of dropping the cow. Back to square 1; and here’s that blog. Anybody interested in a partially-finished CMS? Low mileage! 😉

It’s no Quantum-3000

But I wouldn’t kick it outta bed for eating crackers

Hey, has anybody see this? Simon Cox, a boffin over at Southampton University has created a LEGO(tm) and Raspberry Pi Supercomputer cluster. He even tells you how to make one here. How cool is that?!

Buffers and Pencils and Scans, oh My!

The shape of things to come

Thanks to all of you for your kind words on reaching 200 strips this week. And a word of assurance: the Time Travel Journal story arc (finally) concludes on 9/26. Hang tight, we’re almost there! It’s been fun, but man, was I glad when I finished the last strip in the arc. I had a rhythm of sorts before starting the time travel stuff, and the extra image manipulation required by my “antiqued pages” really put a dent in the strip buffer. Since finishing the arc, though, I’ve kicked my bumside into gear and I’m glad to say the buffer is back up to the 7+ week range! Why the need for such a buffer? Because, a couple months out, I’ll be launching a formative story arc in which… I will be drawing by hand. First time in years! I’m pretty excited about it. It’ll be just six strips done in different styles before returning to the usual CGI-brick fare, but all in support of the storyline. It’ll make sense once we get there. I hope. Regardless, I’m allowing myself a full week to draw each episode, so I needed to buffer up beforehand. Fait accompli!

That’s it for now!

NEXT WEEK: Meat Meet Frank!